Collection: Schimmel Upright Pianos

Schimmel is a German piano maker renowned for their superior quality European pianos. In the over a century or so since Wilhelm Schimmel founded the company, they've been dedicated to designing and manufacturing some of the finest pianos in the world. Indeed, the company has won more than 40 awards, becoming the most highly awarded piano maker from Germany.

We stock the full range of Schimmel Upright Piano for sale. Currently, Schimmel produces four series of piano: Konzert, Classic, Schimmel Wilhelm, and Schimmel Fridolin.

The Konzert series features three upright models, created to cater to the needs of professional pianists. These instruments have darker and deeper sound unlike traditional Schimmel Upright pianos. The Classic series, featuring four upright pianos, employs traditional piano making techniques. The Schimmel Wilhelm and Schimmel Fridolin series, named for the company's founder and his brother, are aimed at the mid-level and entry-level piano markets respectively. These pianos allow younger players and those on budget a high-quality instrument at an affordable price. 

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