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Schimmel Classic C121 Prestige Upright Piano

Schimmel Classic C121 Prestige Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Ebony Polish with front panels in Burled Walnut, Bubinga or Flame Khaya
SIZE: 48"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench 

Elegance Without Ornamentation and Clean Lines.

Special Order This is a timeless instrument which will accompany pianists loyally. Is it perhaps due to the simple, unembellished and clear lines of the instrument? 


In the century or more since Schimmel was founded, they've learned a thing or two about pianos. For decades they've been considered one of the world's top piano-makers. As new innovations came to dominate the industry, Schimmel produced the Classic series as a homage to traditional piano craftsmanship.

The Schimmel Classic C121 Upright Piano is the product of generations of experience and refinement. The tone is bright and clear, the hammers use trusted Beech cores, and the soundboard is the finest Bavarian spruce, aged and tapered for greater resonance. 

Even the cabinet design of this Schimmel Classic C121 Prestige Upright Piano seems inspired by the pianos of yesteryear; of saloons and grand halls and galleries. Crafted from Burled Walnut, Bubinga, or Flame Khaya with ebony polish, it's a high-quality instrument to be treasured.


While the Schimmel Classic C121 draws upon tradition and experience, the engineers couldn't help including one novel technology. The highly responsive action, designed by Schimmel and produced by Renner, receives the same extended-length keysticks as in the Konzert series, allowing greater control. The keys are mineral-based, notable for their pleasant texture. 

That's where most of the similarities end. Unlike the darker, deeper sound of the Konzert series, the C121 is bright. The heavier Beech core hammers produce a powerful tone, brimming with clarity. Nevertheless, there's plenty of room for players to take advantage of the massive tonal dynamic range – whatever your genre or repertoire, the Schimmel Classic C121 can deliver the right sound. 

For those seeking a traditional European-style piano, this demonstrates an impressive mastery of piano making. With competition from Japanese instruments like the Yamaha U1 and Kawai K-300, this 48" piano is a reminder of German quality.

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