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Schimmel W123 Upright Piano

Schimmel W123 Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 49"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench

The Upright Piano for Any Occasion

On Order! The quality of our instruments is based on decades of experience and new recognition in our piano manufacturing. Our mid-sized Wilhelm upright is perfect for any occasion. It produces plenty of great sound and fits harmoniously into any environment. A great eye-catcher that brings the joy of playing every single day.

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The Schimmel Wilhelm W123 is the tallest upright in the "Wilhelm Schimmel" series, standing at 49-inches in height. The series was envisioned as a way to create affordable pianos without sacrificing quality or musical potential.

For those looking for a European alternative to Japanese upright pianos, look no further than the Schimmel Wilhelm W123 Upright Piano. Produced to the highest Schimmel standards, it meets the exact specification set out by the German design team. This is one piano worthy of significant consideration.


Inside the piano, you'll find a stunning action designed by Schimmel's German R&D engineers. With a standard keyboard length, it allows for tremendous repetition speed, unprecedented control, and impeccable weighting – truly a surprise considering the price tag.

Like all Schimmel pianos, the W123 follows the piano makers' "Sectional Scaling" approach to scale design. The instrument delivers a wide range of harmonics across the instrument's full range, irrespective of the volume level. It's a level of clarity you simply can't find in the Japanese alternatives.

The soundboard is cut from A-grade Bavarian White Spruce, leading to a brighter tonal profile and greater tonal projection than Sitka Spruce. The hammers further enhance the bright tone, being double-felted with a beech core – it's where the Schimmel Wilhelm W123 really comes into its own. 


Schimmel is among the oldest piano makers producing pianos for today's consumer market. Their eye for detail and dedication to sound quality have earned them a reputation for unparalleled pianos. The Schimmel Wilhelm W123 Piano continues this tradition – being named after the company's founder Wilhelm Schimmel, who first learned his craft in 1882. 

With its regal upright aesthetic, this piano is suited to the domestic setting, playing for friends and family, as people have done for decades before. 

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