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Schimmel Classic C130 Upright Piano

Schimmel Classic C130 Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 51"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench 

Harmony in Sound and Performance.

Back In Stock!  Finally, after a long wait, we have some of these back in stock. Schimmel Classic C130s never stick around for long because they absolutely smoke the comparable pianos from Yamaha or Kawai. We can be very aggressive when it comes to price so why purchase a mass-produced Japanese instrument when for the same kind of money you can have a hand built German one?

A Schimmel Classic C130 has more power, touch and tone than any other upright piano out there right now. Why do you ask? Well, how about the fact that the German engineering, quality of materials used and expert craftsmanship all combine to create something truly a cut above. Try, just try, to find any other upright with a handmade Renner action in it. Renner is known throughout the world for the touch, feel and control of their actions…players revere them and Steinway recently purchased Renner to ensure that their instruments would also have the best of all actions. Part of the renowned  Schimmel Classic series, the C130  is 51” tall, but plays much bigger.

The Bavarian spruce soundboard wood is reserved for Schimmel’s exclusive use and only adds to its strength and depth of tone. The German Roslau strings make it sing and purr and the keytops feel like jewels under your hands. Fully voiced and regulated by one of the area’s top technicians, it has also received a concert level tuning. The inner casework is perfect (see photos) and the ebony polish has been buffed to perfection. Complete with the factory artist bench, there just isn’t any more to add or want from an instrument. Do not hesitate to call us and schedule a time to come and play this magnificent example of the European style of piano. 

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Review by  Piano Buyers Guide

“This new model from the well-known firm in Braunschweig has received top marks in its category due to its magnificent workmanship. This is a noble instrument with a solid bass tone, silken medium range, brilliant treble register and not a trace of stridency throug- hout the range of the keyboard. This is a piano to be played.” – Larry Fine

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