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Schimmel Classic C130 Upright Piano

Schimmel Classic C130 Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2023
SIZE: 51"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation

Harmony in Sound and Performance.

In Stock!  The eye listens too – this is why the combination of first-class sound and corresponding design is so vital. The unostentatiously elegant C 130 Tradition is one of the great pianos of its type and an instrument of excellence in itself. Touch and tone are harmonized perfectly from the powerful bass notes up to the sparkling treble register. We also deliver the black polished version with an oval panel inlay – a small but effective stylistic element.



The Schimmel Classic series is a homage to the storied tradition of piano making at the Braunschweig-based company. Of the five entries in the series, the Schimmel Classic C130 Upright Piano is the flagship – or rather the figurehead and mast rolled into one. Being the tallest in the series, at 51-inches, and the second tallest upright Schimmel makes, it has a commanding presence, delivering a resounding and sonorous tone. 

The Classic Series is notable for having a brighter tonal profile, and the Schimmel Classic C130 is no different. In fact, the C130, in particular, is significantly brighter than the Konzert series alternatives. 

Nevertheless, the detailing and exquisite hand craftsmanship mark the Schimmel Classic C130 as an instrument for the ages – a throwback to the earliest pianos the company ever produced.


As with all pianos in the Classic Series, the action is designed by Schimmel and produced, with the utmost precision, by Renner. The actions undergo refinement in the factory for weeks, with every aspect of the manufacturing regulated to ensure liquid-like fluidity and ease of control.

With an AA Bavarian Solid White Spruce soundboard – tapered to enhance the spruce's acoustic properties – the Schimmel Classic C130 piano delivers a powerful, clear, sustained, and bright sound. While the base is thunderous, the midrange and treble are as clear as a pin drop. 

Moreover, the double felted hammers are produced using a beech core to enhance the bright tone; the wool is sourced from specially bred Merino sheep in Spain. 


Schimmel has remained at the forefront of piano making since 1885. Almost 140 years on, the Schimmel Classic C130 is the surest sign they haven't lost their touch. This is a serious contender for those who enjoy a distinctly European piano. And in this impeccable cabinet with mountain spruce back posts it's an ideal centerpiece for any room.

Review by Diapson September 1988          

“This new model from the well-known firm in Braunschweig has received top marks in its category due to its magnificent workmanship. This is a noble instrument with a solid bass tone, silken medium range, brilliant treble register and not a trace of stridency throug- hout the range of the keyboard. This is a piano to be played.” – Thierry Faradji

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