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Schimmel W114 Upright Piano

Schimmel W114 Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 46"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench

Our Small Miracle of Sound 

In Stock! A small upright piano with bright sound. The design fills the wish for understatement without influencing the play or the sound. Traditional look, solid workmanship, European sounds. This is your entry in the world of European piano music. 

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This piano collection is wonderfully designed and handmade by highly experienced craftsmen. Three upright pianos form part of the Wilhelm Schimmel lineup; the Wilhelm Schimmel W114 Upright Piano is the smallest, at just 45-inches. Yet, its size belies the excellent control, versatility, and tuning stability for which European pianos are renowned. 


Despite being smaller than most other uprights, the W114 contains a highly precise action. Some teachers and pianists swear that upright pianos must be greater than 48" to be "professional" – the W114 is a notable exception. Under the right fingers, it easily outplays most so-called 48" professional pianos.

Perhaps most surprising is the tone – with a distinctive European sound, it delivers warm, bright, and clear notes. Its hammers are doubled-felted and beech core – to further enhance the brightness. It's the exact same hammer found in the Schimmel Classic series.

The soundboard is produced from A class Bavarian Solid White Spruce – renowned for its tone and consistency of sound. 


In 1882, Wilhelm Schimmel first learned the art of piano making at the Vogel & Sohn factory in Leipzig, Germany. Soon, his pianos were renowned worldwide, becoming highly sought-after. More than 130 years later, the company has expanded significantly. Through their three lines, the "Konzert," "Classic," and the eponymous "Wilhelm Schimmel," they could cater their expertise to different audiences.

The Wilhelm Schimmel W114 Upright Piano is among the most accessible pianos Schimmel produces. Small and compact yet refined and sonorous, it's ideal for the educational and domestic setting. With the final preparation and refinement of this piano occurring in the heart of German piano making, you can be sure this is a piano in the proud Schimmel tradition. 

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