Professional Piano Moving


Orpheus Music provides professional moving and disposal services for pianos, organs and the most delicate stereo systems. Averaging over 2000 piano moves per year, you can rest assured that your valuable instrument will be in caring and experienced hands. We take the utmost care when handling these instruments and family heirlooms, treating each one as if it were our own. We have experience moving every type of piano, in every type of situation.
<p>Everything from small spinets to full concert grands…and everything in between! There is no moving challenge we have not previously experienced! We are fully insured and safe delivery of your piano is guaranteed.  

How to Select a Piano Mover:

Pianos weigh anywhere from several hundred pounds to more than 1000 pounds.

How to tell is your mover is properly licensed and insured: 

Is the mover properly licensed?Any mover, including piano movers, must be licensed both in the state they work out of and the U.S. Department of Transportation. The mover should be able to provide you with both a USDOT number and a MC (Motor Carrier) number. Companies meet rigorous standards for insurance, safety records, driving records, etc to obtain this license. 

Ask your mover for their information and verify is it CURRENT:   

Is the mover fully insured?Insurance companies submit documents directly to the USDOT and cancellation of policies results in license suspension or cancellation.  

Ask for a Certificate of Insurance emailed directly from the insurance company. Don't assume that the piece of paper someone hands you from their trick is valid!

Does the mover have the experience and know how to move a piano correctly and safely?

They should be able to confidently describe the entire process, including breaking down and setting up a grand piano to you.
They should also have pictures or videos on their website demonstrating their procedure: 

Grand piano breakdown
Grand piano set up part 1
Grand piano set up part 2

Can they provide you with any references?

Every mover should have at least a few recent (last six months) references from business owners, institutions etc.. These people or businesses can provide you with their personal experience with the mover.

Can your local piano store provide the same information?

Many piano stores contract with the lowest cost movers without verifying their insurance and licenses are up to date. Either the piano store or their partner should provide the same information.

Trust your instincts!!!

If the mover looks or acts sketchy, has poor communication skills, doesn’t return phone calls, etc. he is probably not the mover for you. It is all too common for a guy who has “moved a few pianos” to buy or rent a truck, grab a couple guys at the corner market, and call himself a piano mover.

Do a little quick research and trust your instincts. You will be thankful you did!