Schimmel Classic C120 Upright Piano

$ 32,305.00

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TYPE: Upright Piano
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 47"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation

Elegance Without Ornamentation and Clean Lines. 

Is it perhaps due to the simple, unembellished and clear lines of the instrument? The piano C120 Elegance Manhattan has been in our programme for numerous years now and continues to be a great favourite. This is a timeless instrument which will accompany pianists loyally. 


   September 2009

"The piano manufacturer Schimmel reconciles the great German tradition with Japanese high-tech by integrating the latest-generation Yamaha ‘Silent’ system and naming the models ‘TwinTone’. They feature ten voices (from piano and harpsichord to choir), record, MIDI-connector, USB, In/Out. It is an ideal combination, which is difficult to resist, as Vincent Balse points out after having played a couple of notes of a theme composed by the jazz musician Michel Petruccianani. The Schimmel C 120 International TwinTone sounds firm and strong in the sonata no. 21 ‘Waldstein’ by Beethoven; in an adagio by Mozart, it reveals a sparkling and luminous tone in the treble section, provides with its action, which is always very effective, a lot of playing comfort and consequently, gives much joy to the player. Exquisite and with a warm middle section, the Schimmel C 120 International TwinTone feels comfortable through a range of repertoire: Thus, this Schimmel is essential in this price segment. A true winner.“ – Marc Rouve

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