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Schimmel Classic C121 Upright Piano

Schimmel Classic C121 Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 48"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench 

Elegance Without Ornamentation and Clean Lines. 

On Order! Is it perhaps due to the simple, unembellished and clear lines of the instrument? This is a timeless instrument which will accompany pianists loyally. 

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Schimmel developed their Classic series of pianos as a throwback to the traditional methods of piano craftsmanship. Rather than explore and experiment with new materials and techniques – as they did with the Konzert series – the renowned piano makers turned to their heritage, to the days when Wilhelm Schimmel first established the company. 

The Schimmel Classic C121 Upright Piano is a popular addition to this line – standing 48" in height, it delivers impressive quality and clarity of sound. In fact, in a category typically dominated by Japanese instruments, the Schimmel Classic C121 stands as a testament to the mastery of German piano making.

With a fluid, responsive action, extended keys, and a broad tonal range, this piano is perfect for homes, studios, conservatories, schools, and even music venues. 


Schimmel may have crafted the C121 as a homage to the pianos of yesteryear, but they couldn't resist adding something special. The Schimmel Classic C121 features a premium action alongside the same extended-length keysticks found in the Konzert series. Players will experience greater action control from the added length, particularly at the dynamic extremes.

Almost everything else in the piano draws upon past experience and expertise. The hammers contain a Beech core – to enhance the brightness – capped with high-quality felt from Wurzen. The soundboard is solid AA Bavarian spruce: aged and tapered to enhance the tonal projection and resonance.

The gorgeous tone and incredible playability make this a firm favorite with everyone from advanced players to music teachers. And the simple, elegant appearance ensures the piano fits effortlessly into any home, studio, or room. That's little surprise considering Schimmel's extensive trove of design awards.

If you want a traditional European piano – complete with the look, feel, and sound of older pianos – then the Schimmel Classic C121 Upright Piano is an instrument to consider.

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