A Local, Family Owned Business 

We strive to provide the best pianos possible - from brand new Schimmel pianos to used premium pianos brands such as Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai and more.  Our owners touch each and every piano and work side by side with our technicians to ensure the quality we are known for is strictly adhered to. 

Matching People and Pianos. One at a Time. 

We are often asked what this "matching" process is. The first thing is to get to know you (or your child) and what you want to accomplish with your piano purchase. Are you just starting lessons or are you an accomplished player who needs an instrument that will help you grow?  What piano characteristics are most important to you? 

Each client appointment is focused on learning what your goals are and then -and only then - which pianos fit your goals. Each piano is unique - they each have their own tone, touch  and personality. During the set up and maintenance process, we strive to understand and bring out that personality.  This is intuitive to most pianists when they sit and play a variety of brands and models back to back.

We don't believe that there is any single "best" brand of piano, but we do believe in providing instruments of different styles,  manufactured with the highest quality and in the best possible condition. We are happy to work with your technician or teacher to help you find a great piano. Our technicians are always available to answer your questions about pianos. 

Quality Focused. Technician Driven.

Charles is involved every step of the piano preparation process and ensures that each piano meets our exacting standards. Our team of technicians constantly strive to bring out the best in each piano - taking the same care as if it were going to their own home. When pianos need maintenance, we only use original manufacturer parts.

As a member of the Piano Technicians' Guild,  Carolyn is constantly monitoring the industry to ensure we provide the highest level of piano service and maintenance. We are engaged in ProPTN and actively support education of the next generation of piano technicians. 

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your "forever piano."

Charles & Carolyn

High Quality Used Piano Hammers

Orpheus team putting the final touches on a Steinway M.