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Schimmel W118 Upright Piano

Schimmel W118 Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 47"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench

The Upright Piano for Any Occasion

In Stock! The quality of our instruments is based on decades of experience and new recognition in our piano manufacturing. Our mid-sized Wilhelm upright is perfect for any occasion. It produces plenty of great sound and fits harmoniously into any environment. A great eye-catcher that brings the hoy of playing every single day. 

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The Schimmel Wilhelm W118 Piano is at the more affordable end of Schimmel's collection. These are very impressive pianos for the price point, all following Schimmel's rigorous quality control and refinement process. 

That's definitely true of the Schimmel Wilhelm W118 Upright Piano. Built to Schimmel's precise specifications, this mid-sized upright has the perfect size and sound for any occasion. And at 46" in height, you can accommodate this ebony gloss piano harmoniously in any environment. 

For those seeking an excellent European-built piano, this elegant and classy piano has the quality, performance, and attention to detail suitable for players of all levels.


Inside the finely finished black cabinet, you'll find an agile action. Known for playing beautifully right out of the box, this action is regulated and fine-tuned in Schimmel's German factory by their best engineers and technicians.

The hammers are the same used in the Classic series – they're double-felted, beech core hammers. Alongside the A-Grade, solid Bavarian spruce soundboard, these materials produce a slightly brighter tonal profile – delivering excellent projection.

To further enhance the sound, Schimmel designers employed their proprietary "Sectional Scaling" method; this results in a tone rich in harmonics. Expect a dynamic and vibrant tone from this piano. 

Overall, this is a remarkable value option, capable of out-competing larger mass-produced alternatives. The Schimmel Wilhelm W118 Upright Piano is a great choice for everyone, from advanced players or even beginners wanting to learn with a reliable instrument.

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