Collection: Schimmel Art Case Pianos

Pianos are more than mere instruments; they're the centerpiece of our homes. When you choose a piano, you're choosing the adornment and spectacle your guests will gather around – regardless of whether it's for a domestic or professional setting. Little wonder the great piano makers produce pieces of such particular beauty.

While most pianos are a work of art, these Schimmel Art Case pianos transport the practice to another level: they're a symphony in wood. Intricate detailing and exotic choices of wood come together to create a piano that is simply sublime. The Konzert series, in particular, has numerous models inlaid with stunning designs (Intarsie means "inlay" in German).

Whether you choose the delicately curved Schimmel Classic C169 Belle Epoque Grand Piano or the beautifully inlaid Schimmel Konzert 129 Intarsia Vase Grand Piano, these instruments will transform a room: truly the ultimate conversation starter.

Nor are they style over substance. Beneath the inlays and wooden casing, you'll find the same superior quality pianos as their counterparts. These Schimmel Art Case Pianos are rare pieces, produced exclusively for the Konzert and Classic lines.

The Konzert series are designed to be darker and more brooding, utilizing the latest techniques and materials (including mahogany core hammers). The Classic series, meanwhile, draws upon Schimmel's tradition of craftsmanship and using long-standing designs. 

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