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Schimmel Konzert K175 Intarsie Liaison Grand Piano

Schimmel Konzert K175 Intarsie Liaison Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 5'9"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench


Special Order With this firework of intarsia work, Schimmel craftsmen show all their skills of a several thousand years old technique. By the use of various techniques of intarsia woodwork and the selection of a unique and large number of different woods, a lavish splendour of ornaments, patterns and pictures captivates the eye - not seldom, the first glances are the beginning of a liaison. 

What sounds like a pedantic obsession with detail is the basis of rich tonal worlds for the piano experts at Schimmel: all 88 hammer-heads of each upright and grand piano are pricked with voicing needles several ten thousand times by hand in a painstaking process to form the versatile tonal colouring of our instruments. The voicer utilizes his finely tuned manual dexterity to give the felt its elasticity and thereby provide each instrument with an optimum tone quality. This requires a rigorously highly-trained ear and great sensitivity for the finest tonal nuances. This is how the Schimmel craftsmen breathe life into the soul of our instruments. 


When Schimmel introduced the Konzert series of grand pianos, they envisioned a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and expertise with the latest materials and innovative technologies. In the company's enormous R&D department, they set about creating a line of grand and upright pianos that were a dramatic shift from the renowned piano maker's early creations.

The Schimmel Konzert K175 Piano was the smallest instrument in the collection. Where the 9'2" K280 would fill a concert hall, the K175 was for domestic and smaller professional settings like churches, schools, conservatories, and businesses. Yet, not everything was scaled down. With the same identical actions – including geometry and extended keys – as the 9-foot K280, the Schimmel Konzert K175 Piano delivers maximum touch and control suitable for even the most skilled players. 

And this version, the Schimmel Konzert K175 Intarsie Liason Grand Piano, is a special edition: finished with beautiful inlays and detailing, it's a symphony in wood.


The action truly is the star of the Schimmel Konzert K175. Designed by Schimmel's ingenious R&D department, it was built by Renner. The keys, meanwhile, are authentic ebony and mineral.

Creating the piano's darker, deeper sound is the soundboard, produced from high-quality Bavarian Spruce. Larger than the majority of comparable pianos, it facilitates greater power and sustain. Together with the mahogany hammers – partly responsible for the breadth of sound – the tone is warm and vibrant. 

Aided by Triplex Scaling and an innovative bridge design, the Schimmel Konzert K175 Intarsie Liason Grand Piano is a piece of exquisite craftsmanship and modern piano design.

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