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Schimmel Konzert K195 Intarsia Harp Grand Piano

Schimmel Konzert K195 Intarsia Harp Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 6'5"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench


Special Order For many people thirteen is a mystical number. This number certainly provides Schimmel instruments with a magic gloss. This is because we utilize a traditional piano varnish which is applied in thirteen work phases with around one and a half kilogram per square metre and is primarily further processed by hand to produce high gloss. This is how we produce the unique gloss and the special depth effect which are so characteristic for our instruments. 


The Schimmel Konzert K195 piano is the middle child of the German manufacturer's Konzert series. Envisioned as a way to implement their new expertise and the latest materials, the Konzert series is considered the top tier in terms of quality – embodying the best German piano making has to offer.

Darker and deeper in sound, the Konzert series pianos are a move away from some of the brighter pianos for which Schimmel was previously known. At 6' 5", the K195 stands alongside other legendary pianos like the Steinway Model A, Yamaha CF4, and Bosendorfer Model 200. 

Where it differs is in the strength of sound, with the K195 containing the identical action found in the 9' 2" K280. It's an incredible work of piano engineering.


 Designed in Schimmel's heartland in Braunschweig, Germany, the action is not only identical to a 9-foot concert grand, but it's also 6 cm longer than your typical concert grand piano. You'll feel the subtlest nuances as your fingers glide along the mineral and real ebony keytops. 

But it's not merely the feel of the piano that's special. The tone, produced by mahogany core hammers and a Bavarian AAA Solid Mountain Spruce soundboard, is colorful and rich – some may say it bleeds warmth. That may be down to the new bridge design that allows the soundboard to resonate more energetically.

Meanwhile, the "Triplex Scale" feature – unique to Schimmel – includes an additional string to the mid and treble ranges, further broadening the harmonics available to the player.

Oh, and this particular model is finished with exquisite detailing on the underside of the lid. The wood inlays of the harp and floral decorations mark this piano out not just as an instrument but as a work of art. 

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