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Schimmel Classic C169 Belle Epoque Grand Piano

Schimmel Classic C169 Belle Epoque Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 5'7"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench 

Without Compromises

Special Order  Even with the smallest Classic C 169 grand piano we do not compromise. Partwise the identical action and large parts of the ‘sound system’ from our full size concert grand is here also implemented. Combined with our extreme soundboard expansion in the lateral region, this creates a true giant among the small grand pianos that is effortlessly comparable to the larger grand pianos. This is uniqueness can be heard and felt.


The revered piano makers produced three grand pianos within the Schimmel Classic series. The Schimmel Classic C189 is the middle child: a full six-foot grand piano handmade in Braunschweig, Germany. What marks this particular piano out – the Schimmel Classic C169 Belle Epoque Grand Piano – is the styling.

The standard C189 is a refined affair: the sleek lines and gentle curves we expect from Schimmel. The C189 Belle Epoque is something different.

While the Classic series harks back to the earliest days of Schimmel piano making, the Schimmel Classic C169 Belle Epoque Grand Piano is designed to reflect the peak period of French and European culture: the late-19th and early-20th centuries. A time marked by cultural innovations, Bohemian styles, and prolific musical talent. 


Aesthetically, the Schimmel Classic C169 Belle Epoque Grand Piano is substantially more detailed than its twin, the C169 traditional. The legs brim with grooves while the music desk is a dance of inlays – it's a symphony in wood. 

Yet, while it's visually distinct, you'll experience the same incredible instrument beneath the surface. The action, for example, is agile and responsive, suitable to musicians of all stripes. Built by Renner to Schimmel's precise specifications, the instrument has a notably bright tone for which Schimmel is renowned. In fact, the internal sound system replicates the full-size concert grands in the mid and treble areas to increase dynamic range.

The soundboard is Bavarian AA tapered Solid Spruce, and the hammers are double-felted with a Beech core. 


With the classic series, the concept was to pay homage to the company's piano-making traditions. The resulting piano is as elegant to touch as it is fulfilling to play. And the Schimmel Classic C169 Belle Epoque Grand Piano could have been among the very first pianos Wilhelm Schimmel ever constructed in the 1880s in terms of look, style, and feel.

Review by Diapson, September 2008   

“Especially the quality of Schimmel‘s smallest grand piano, the C 169 Tradition, was honoured by our two pianists. François Dumont noted that it has, ‘very special and fine nuances with much personality.’ It is ‘brilliant, clear and shows an excellent tonal development.’ The registers are perfectly balanced with a splendid and sparkling treble, warm basses and rich middle section. Prisca Benoît judged the touch and action as ‘very comfortable.’ It is ‘effective and it is easy to control the power at the keys’. Our musicians name the instrument a ‘piano for soloists’, which is perfect for the work of a concert pianist and for the interpretation of the romantic repertoire.” – Thierry Faradji

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