Collection: Schimmel Royal Wood Collection

 The piano is more than an instrument: perhaps it can even be termed a synthesis of the arts. This is for example borne out by the valuable and unending variety of the exotic woods, with their sheer inexhaustible richness in colouring utilized in the building of Schimmel instruments.

For our grand piano series Royal Wood, we have selected only the best - exotic woods with a special character. These woods must be crafted with both great care and the highest art of workmanship in the technique of veneer. This has always been an integral part of the Schimmel craftsmanship tradition and is a guarantee for the consummate attractive and durable casing of our grand and upright pianos.

We take environmental protection very seriously in all models of the Royal Wood series. Therefore, we use the renewable raw material wood under strict personal inspections of our wood suppliers. Veneer is particularly well suited to being processed in a resource-saving way, as several thousand square metres of veneer can be produced from one tree trunk.

As a natural product, wood has colour differences and growth-related irregularities. The colour, structure and grain of each tree are unique and make each instrument one of a kind!