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Schimmel W180 Macassar Ebony Grand Piano

Schimmel W180 Macassar Ebony Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand 

COLOR: Macassar Ebony
SIZE: 6'0"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench

Germany's Most Awarded Piano Line

In stock! After over three years of effort, the Schimmel W180 grand piano in rare Macassar Ebony polish has finally arrived. Schimmel is known for constructing instruments with a high level of craftsmanship, care, and build quality that are second to none. They can also be surprisingly affordable. If you are considering buying a similarly sized piano from Yamaha, Kawai, or Boston, you really should come and see what the buzz is all about before you spend your hard-earned money. You will be pleasantly surprised.

The brand new 2024 model W180 is a perfect example of what Schimmel can create. At 6' 0", it is large, and the wide tail design only adds to the depth of tone. The sound is exactly what lovers of European pianos adore, with a darkly assertive voice and clear bell-like overtones. The Wilhelm Schimmel W180 grand piano combines simple elegance and traditional piano manufacturing to provide a musical experience for all senses. The sound, the action, and the entire instrument meet the highest demands within an excellent price range. The inner casework is amazingly detailed, and the macassar ebony finish exudes elegance and quality. The instrument comes with a matching Schimmel padded top adjustable artist bench, and there's nothing else you could want from it. It's ready to take you on a soaring musical journey if you're strong enough to hang on and go along for the ride. The manufacturer's ten-year warranty and our exclusive trade-up policy complete the package. But remember, there's only one of these pianos in the USA right now, so act fast before someone else beats you to it.


Being one of only two grand Wilhelm Schimmel grand pianos, the W180 is as affordable as it is elegant. This 6-foot grand piano is among the best grand pianos for its size range and class. The Wilhelm Schimmel W180 stands shoulder-to-shoulder alongside other greats like the Kawai GX-2, the Boston GP-178, and Yamaha C3X. 

Completely handmade, the meticulous detailing and fine craftsmanship mark the Schimmel W180 as a distinctly European piano – in everything but the price point. This Wilhelm Schimmel is a robust response to the increasingly popular Japanese alternatives.


Wilhelm Schimmel grand pianos are renowned for their heavier actions (with a fast attack); you'll find no difference with the Schimmel grand piano W180 model. 

At 6-foot in length, 59 inches in width, and weighing 754 lbs., the Wilhelm Schimmel grand piano is a perfect size to be accommodated by most homes. 

Inside the piano, the greater body allows for longer strings and a larger soundboard, leading to an authentic European musical experience. Considered by some to be in the Goldilocks zone in terms of tone – being not as bright as the Schimmel Classic nor as dark as the Konzert series – it is an enjoyable balance of the two. 

The hammers use Beech shanks to brighten the tone, capped in high-quality felt. Meanwhile, the soundboard is crafted from White Spruce, in contrast to the Sitka typical on Japanese pianos.


Founded in 1882, Wilhelm Schimmel created not merely a world-famous piano-making company but a dynasty of piano makers. Now in their 4th generation, the family business divides their pianos into distinct categories: the upper level, "Konzert"; the traditional "Classic"; the Wilhelm Schimmel grand piano in between. 

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