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Yamaha U1 Upright Piano

Yamaha U1 Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 1985
SIZE: 48"
COMPARE TO NEW: $11,999.00

INCLUDED: Warranty | Bench | Piano Preparation

In Stock! You're looking at a Yamaha U1 upright piano in ebony polish, one of the great values, and one of the most sought after pianos of all time. With its powerful bass, singing treble, and sensitive keyboard, this piano will not only serve your student's needs (and will put a big grin on your teacher's face) but will satisfy much more advanced pianists as well. The Yamaha U series, especially the U1, are requested by more teachers shopping with their students than all other pianos combined. Built in Japan it doesn't have a mark on it.

Recently back from our shop where it received a full regulation, voicing and concert level tuning performed by one of the area’s top Yamaha technicians, all items that needed to be were replaced with Yamaha factory parts. The key tops have been buffed and cream polished, the brass gleams and the interior has been detailed to within an inch of it life (see photos). A brand new padded duet storage bench rounds out the package. In short, there just isn’t a nicer one out there at the moment and it is priced right. We always have a dozen or more U1s available, each with its own unique touch and tone. Come over and find yours.


The Yamaha U1 Upright Piano is a remarkable instrument, boasting an exceptionally solid construction and a robust, rich tone. Yamaha's "U series" has a stellar track record of over 60 years, with millions of musicians worldwide practicing and playing on this top-quality mid-range piano. Of the three main models, the U3, U2, and U1, the Yamaha U1 is the smallest, measuring 48" in height. 

Indeed, it's a perennial favorite among pianists of all talents and abilities for a reason – some would say the world's most popular upright. Why? Well, the precise, ultra-responsive touch and clarity of tone have rightfully earned the Yamaha U1 piano a reputation for reliability. 


Crafted in Kakegawa, Japan, the Yamaha U1 is a precision construction. The soundboard and ribs are crafted from solid spruce, hand-selected at the Kitami Mill in Hokkaido, Japan. The result is a resonant voice and evenly balanced timbre across the entire spectrum of notes.

These instruments are built-to-last, and that's in large part due to Yamaha's proprietary wood-drying process; the back posts are sure to maintain their shape, strength, and resonance through all the years, pupils, and players.

As with all the best Yamaha pianos, the U1 includes the patented Yamaha aluminum action rail to ensure the keyboard remains resistant to even minuscule variations in humidity and temperature. And the U series hammers are painstakingly designed, using the finest materials Japan has to offer. 


In Japan, manufacturing is an art form – piano making is no exception. Of all the piano makers in the islands, Yamaha is perhaps the most exceptional, delivering the highest levels of quality and performance in the U series for over half a century. 

The Yamaha U1 Upright Piano, in particular, is a stalwart instrument. It'll survive house moves, thousands of hours of practice, and everything else you can throw at it; yet, it still delivers the same impeccable notes – it's a dream. 

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