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Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2002
SIZE: 7'6"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Bench | Piano Preparation


IN STOCK! This Yamaha C7 piano is like none other we have ever come across. Much more powerful and assertive than normal, rich, brooding, dark and mysterious but with a smoldering flame underneath. Everyone who has sat down to play it has been shocked by how different it is but then utterly captivated. None of the typical bright treble or thick bass that you find on so many grand pianos. Built in Japan in 2002 by some of Yamaha’s senior technicians who gave it the gift of being able to fully resolve even the trickiest passages. Countless hours have been spent perfecting the hammers, strings, and the balance of the damping mechanism, with the final goal of rendering each note faithful to the intentions of the pianist. Admittedly not for everybody but someone is going to sit down and the minute their hands touch the keys they will know, just know, that in their heart this is the one.

A complete regulation, voicing and concert tuning has been performed by one of the area’s best Yamaha technicians. Finished in ebony polish and includes a brand-new adjustable artist bench. Remember that at 7’ 6” it is big so do not try and put it in a small room but give it some room to breathe and look out! New these are $86,899 which is why our used C7’s always seem to sell so fast but this one will go especially quickly.


First manufactured in 1967, the Yamaha C7 Grand Piano was constructed in Hamamatsu, Japan – where Yamaha constructs all its best pianos. As part of the Conservatory Collection of grand pianos, the Yamaha C7 piano is a commitment to superb craftsmanship, supreme piano tone, and sublime playability. 

However, at a colossal 7' 6", the Yamaha C7 piano is a little big for most domestic settings (opt for a C3 or C5 instead). Nevertheless, this impressive grand piano delivers an elegant sound and harmonic richness, whether you’re playing in a concert hall, studio, or rehearsal room.


You'll find some of Yamaha's finest acoustic grand piano craftsmanship inside this legendary piano. For instance, the precision spruce keybed is built to withstand Yamaha's most demanding tolerances. Spruce is chosen for being lightweight and its incredible strength-to-weight ratio. Under the pianist's fingers, it captures the nuance of your performance with a fast response and effortless repetition. 

The soundboard, meanwhile, is constructed from top-10% solid quarter-sawn spruce. After being sawn, Yamaha dedicates hours to ensuring the vibration travels throughout the piano's body. The soundboard's crown, in particular, is reinforced with full-length ribs that ensure maximum tonal quality and sonic depth.

Such harmonic richness and detail would be impossible with lower-quality laminated materials. 

Overall, the Yamaha C7 Piano is built with durability in mind: robust yet elegant, consistent yet graceful, it's a piano like few others.


Yamaha started when Torakusu Yamaha, a watchmaker, repaired a broken reed organ in 1887. Enamored with this new skill, he set off for the US to learn the art of piano making. Returning home, he began producing these instruments for a domestic audience, quickly gaining renown worldwide for his high-quality products. The Yamaha C7 Grand Piano is a reminder of those early Yamaha days – building pianos is in their blood.

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