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Yamaha C6 Grand Piano

Yamaha C6 Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2001
SIZE: 7'0"

INCLUDED: Warranty | Bench | Piano Preparation

SOLD Here is a tremendous deal for someone, a completely refurbished Yamaha C6 piano. The Yamaha C series pianos have always been one of the best-selling grand pianos in the world to those in the know. This one was built in Japan in 2001, it has been gone through from top to bottom by one of the area’s top Yamaha technicians and among many other things has gotten a full regulation including hammer shaping, voicing, let off and after touch adjustment. A concert level tuning has been performed and the ebony polish finish was buffed by hand. Also includes a brand new adjustable padded top artist bench. The attention to detail is incredible; countless hours have been spent working on it to get it back to this kind of condition.


The sound, well big, powerful, assertive, and dynamic are terms that jump to mind. It has been thoroughly detailed inside and out, the brass gleams, the finish glows and the inside is spotless. Remember at 7 feet it’s big so don’t try and put it in a small space but if you have been looking for a concert size Yamaha grand well then there just isn’t a nicer one out there. Remember a new one of these costs $74,999 but who wants to pay that!

Background of Yamaha C6 Grand Piano

The Yamaha C6 Grand Piano is part of the Japanese company's C series of pianos, sitting comfortably between the C5 (6' 7") and C7 (7' 6"). First introduced in 1994, these 7-foot pianos are a beauty to play: being designed for the professional and advanced amateur market. The "conservatoire" series represents Yamaha's state-of-the-art quality and experience in terms of touch and tone. In fact, this Yamaha C6 Piano has been favorably compared to other semi-concert grands like the Steinway B or Mason & Hamlin BB.

For those familiar with Japanese pianos, you'll find the same innovative techniques and high-quality materials beneath the polished ebony finish. Even better, after going through a complete adjustment and regulation, all these parts work together to produce a tone and sound ideal for a professional setting.

Specifications of Yamaha C6 Grand Piano

Being part of the C series, the Yamaha C6 piano has an impeccable action, feeling especially quick beneath the fingers. It's, therefore, the optimal instrument for playing fast, intricate music with ease. That level of Japanese precision is carried through into the tone. Each note is crisp and clear, and the sustain and response will be favored by professionals who prefer a medium-light touch. 

The piano's interior features a full-length rib-reinforced solid spruce soundboard and hard-maple pinblock. This dedication to the finest materials and techniques available is evident throughout every inch of the Yamaha C6 piano.

The cabinet is a traditional European design, complete with rounded case arms and tapered spade legs. Finished in hand-polished ebony, The Yamaha C6 Grand Piano promises longevity and quality for its next fortunate owner.

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