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Steinway S Hamburg Grand Piano

Steinway S Hamburg Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 1937
SIZE: 5'1"
COMPARE TO NEW: $86,600.00

INCLUDED: Warranty | Bench | Piano Preparation

SOLD! Very few Steinway pianos will ever have one owner. For most people, they are a just once-in-a-lifetime purchase to be treasured and pampered, then passed on to the next lucky generation. Such is the case with this beautiful Model S, which was lightly used and well maintained by its previous owners. Built in Hamburg, Germany in 1937 and just completely restored to a degree not usually seen, it has decades of useful life ahead of it. New hammers, shanks, flanges, strings and pins were installed but we were able to keep the original Steinway soundboard and pinblock. Great tone, touch and warmth abound in this instrument. At 5'1" in length it will perfectly fit into any nook or cranny but features the powerful and rich tone of a much larger Steinway Finished in three coats of ebony polish and complete with a brand-new artist bench.


The Steinway S Grand Piano is one of the smallest grands in Steinway's collection. This 5' 1" piano was originally introduced by Steinway  in the 1930s. That Steinway is still producing these small yet powerful pianos is a testament to their success and quality.

Steinway S Grand Pianos are a popular choice for introducing students and players to grand pianos. Indeed, this smaller piano comfortably fits in most domestic settings, as well as commercial and smaller professional rooms. 


Steinways are known for their high-quality materials and impressive construction; the Steinway S Grand Piano is no exception. The heart of the piano – the soundboard – uses only superior Sitka Spruce with a minimum number of annual growth rings to produce the best sound possible. In fact, the soundboard is shaped like a violin: giving an even response throughout the scale. 

Elsewhere, the ribs are made from durable, resinous sugar pine for additional strength and support. The strings rely on Swedish steel; the hammers are premium wool top felt with Hornbeam shanks and moldings. Even the keys themselves are chip-proof and stain-resistant.

Together, these elements produce an excellent tone with a strength of sound you may not expect. When the piano first launched, this sound got the piano-maker through the Great Depression because "it had the voice of a larger grand, but did not take up as much room."

Whether you're playing this piano in a living room or another venue, the Steinway S Grand Piano delivers the same singing, sustaining tone that sets these pianos apart. And being a smaller size, it's eminently affordable compared to its much larger counterparts. 

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