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Steinway M Grand Piano

Steinway M Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Satin
YEAR: 1926
SIZE: 5'7"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Bench | Piano Preparation


SOLD!  Here is another example of why so many experts consider Steinway to be the world’s finest piano. A fully rebuilt Steinway M in ebony satin. At 5'7" in length, this piano's rich tone and responsive action is found not only in a great many homes, but in most music conservatories, schools and rehearsal rooms.  Called the "Medium" grand, there is nothing medium about the sound emanating from this instrument. Complete with a matching Steinway artist bench and just back from having been completely tuned, voiced and regulated. The least expensive one for sale in anywhere near this kind of condition. It will be a joy to own for generations to come. 


The Steinway M Grand Piano was first introduced in 1911, following the designs of Henry Ziegler. Initially produced in the New York Steinway factory, production began later in Hamburg in 1926. Ever since, the piano has become famed for its depth of sound despite its manageable size. Indeed, at 5'7", it's considered a "Medium Grand" – though its warm, rich tone has ensured it was much sought-after by conservatories and music schools worldwide, including the Juilliard School, where all practice rooms have Steinway M Grand Pianos. 

Nor is the Steinway M restricted to teaching – Grammy winner Carole King composed most of her hit songs on a 1924 Steinway Model M Piano. So, if you're a fan of her sound, you'll likely enjoy this piano that harks from just two years later.


Like all Steinway grand pianos, the Steinway M contains a superior Sitka Spruce soundboard. Steinway has long selected their wood for a minimum number of annual rings to ensure it meets their exacting standards. 

However, while the soundboard may resemble its modern counterparts, it will differ. This 1926 Steinway M was constructed before the production of Steinway's 1936 "Diaphragmatic Soundboard" patent. That's not to say this Steinway M hasn't stood the test of time. From the Hornbeam hammers to the keybed of quartersawn spruce, you're sure to feel the quality and longevity of this finely aged instrument.

Overall, you can expect a very responsive action alongside a full, rich tone. The smaller stature of the piano belies a sonorous, warm sound. Little wonder it's so highly regarded. If you've got a living room corner or studio that can accommodate this piano, you're not just getting a symphony in wood but a little slice of history.

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