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Steinway B Hamburg Grand Piano

Steinway B Hamburg Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 1978
SIZE: 6'10.5"
COMPARE TO NEW: $127,900
INCLUDED: Warranty | Bench | Piano Preparation

SOLD! Here is one of the rarest of the rare. The legendary Steinway B Hamburg concert grand piano. We have several Steinway B pianos for sale at the moment but anyone who knows anything at all about a Steinway knows that the Hamburg’s are totally different animals. Just like your children all have different personalities, so do these instruments. Unlike the other two Steinway B’s we currently have in inventory at the moment that are very sweet and lyrical, this one is a pure powerhouse. Sitting down to play it is like climbing behind the wheel of an American muscle car, you just try and hang on and make sure that you have it pointed in the right direction. Capable of playing softly when called upon and with a tone that is closest to frozen amber it is incredibly versatile but it really just wants to run and roar. Rachmaninoff would have loved this piano!

Widely regarded as the finest home piano in the world, this 1978 Steinway model B is 6' 10.5" in length and is finished in ebony polish. This is the grand for someone who demands the most from an instrument. The Hamburg models are almost impossible to find in this kind of condition. A brand-new set of Mapes Gold strings has been installed. Then it was professionally detailed inside and out until it looks fairly new. All of the brass has been polished and to top it all off, we are also including a new Jansen adjustable artist’s bench, not some cheap knockoff like all the rest. By far the nicest Steinway B out there right now and priced right. Bring your favorite sheet music, come over and play it and you’ll see, but be forewarned at this price it won’t last long!

Please call Charles at (703)-534-0200 or email at

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