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Steinway A Grand Piano

Steinway A Grand Piano

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YPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Satin
YEAR: 1916
SIZE: 6'4"
COMPARE TO NEW: $119,400
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation


Scarce as hens’ teeth and just back from being lovingly restored, this Steinway model A (stretch III) is now ready for its forever home. New Steinway action parts, strings, pins, felt and a vintage high gloss ebony finish were used. A brand-new matching artist bench rounds out the package. How does it sound? A dark mezzo voice and tons of power are the hallmarks of this instrument. A growl in the bass and sparkle on top. Big sound for a big player.

The Steinway model A-3 is where the Steinway A family takes a big step up in both size and sound. Measuring in at 6’4”, the A-3 is much larger than the previous model A grand and features a greater power and range of tone. It is very comparable to what has been dubbed the “perfect piano”, the Steinway B. These pianos were more affordable than the B, are more manageable in size and produced a sound and power that was most definitely on par with its 6’11” brethren. The A-3 piano was a staple of the New York factory only and never went into production in Hamburg. In 1945 the A-3 was discontinued by Steinway New York. Reliable rumors indicate that production ceased due to the competition it created for the larger and more profitable model B.

However, in 2005, Steinway re-introduced the A. Rather interestingly the A-3, the larger “stretch A” was not the piano put back into production. Instead, the A-2, short scale made its return in a smaller 6’2” size but priced at a whopping $104,200. Many consider the A-3 to be one of the finest scale designs that Steinway ever produced with it being a 7-foot piano in a 6’4” package. When properly rebuilt and restored, A-3 grands are some of the most versatile of all of Steinway’s pianos and they are one of our favorites here at Orpheus Music. They occupy an important position within Steinway’s line of legendary instruments.


Measuring 6' 4", the Steinway Model A Grand Piano is the smallest of the legendary piano maker's concert grands. Yet, hidden beneath the lid is a surprising sound; warm and sonorous, its solid spruce soundboard certainly emphasizes the concert in concert grand.

The Steinway Model A is the ideal solution wherever a concert grand is needed but space is limited. Larger homes, schools, conservatories, and even music venues can rely on the Steinway A as a robust piano with bags of sound and depth. 

In an elegant ebony finish, this early version of the timeless instrument is immaculately tuned and regulated to ensure it sings like it did in 1916. 


The secret to every great Steinway is its beating heart: the soundboard. All soundboards are made from superior Sitka Spruce, selected for its regular grain and a minimum number of growth rings. While this version doesn't feature a 1936 patented "Diaphragmatic Soundboard," it's still a beautiful piece of piano engineering.

The responsive action is one of the top reasons why the Steinway Model A is a firm favorite of many professional players. Being able to tackle the hardest, most skilled pieces, knowing the piano will respond as you want, is the joy of playing a Steinway A.

The reason that the Steinway Model A piano stands the test of time is in part due to the sturdy rim construction. Since 1878, Steinway & Sons have used the most innovative techniques to create support and structural integrity – that means the string and Hornbeam hammers work perfectly in sync.

Overall, even over a hundred years after its production, this is an impressive and versatile piano – ready to be the crown jewel of any household or venue.

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