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Steinway 1098 Upright Piano

Steinway 1098 Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Ebony Satin
YEAR: 1984
SIZE: 46"
COMPARE TO NEW: $35,000.00
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation


In Stock! The model 1098 has always been Steinway's best-selling upright piano and this example, built in 1984, has now settled into its own and provides a full, rich sound and has an extremely expressive touch. Capable of roaring like thunder when pressed upon, it can also make the angels weep when played softly. For this very reason, many professional pianists choose this model for their "home" and/or practice piano. The ebony satin finish has just been  detailed, the action has received a complete regulation job performed and then received a concert level tuning. Signed and dated to the original owners by John Steinway on the day of purchase. Includes a matching new duet bench. These are only going back up in value now because the only upright piano Steinway makes anymore is the K52 but it is $46,900 and who wants to pay that! It will be an object of extreme envy to your friends and a complete joy for you to play upon for many, many years to come.

Background of Steinway 1098 Upright Piano

First introduced in 1903, the Model 1098 Steinway upright piano surprisingly includes a larger soundboard than you'll find in many grand pianos. Being a popular choice for professional players, this larger soundboard produced a much more resonant voice, which, given its size, is ideal for homes and apartments.

Indeed, finished in ebonized veneer, this elegant black Steinway upright piano with brass detailing is a stunning focal point of any room. 

Specifications of Steinway 1098 Upright Piano

Inside the 1098 Steinway upright piano, you'll find a solid birch back frame complete with solid maple closing blocks and expansion cuts. The braces are solid spruce, ensuring the back frame remains straight, allowing for consistent and reliable tuning. The ribs are made from durable, resinous sugar pine. The hammers are produced with hard rock maple and premium double-felted, which resonate beautifully on the high-tensile Swedish steel and Swedish steel core wire wound with pure copper strings. 

Taken together, the model 1098 Steinway upright piano combines all the ingenuity, craft, and brilliance you'd expect from Steinway & Sons. From the first moment your fingers play the European spruce keys, you'll find yourself with a piano for life. 

History of Steinway 1098 Upright Piano

Beginning in 1853, when Heinrich Steinweg established a piano company in New York, Steinway & Sons quickly became an international phenomenon. Six years later, in 1859, the now-renowned company had become the largest manufacturer in the world, opening the Hamburg Steinway factory in 1880. 

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