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Schimmel Fridolin F182 Grand Piano

Schimmel Fridolin F182 Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 6'0"
INCLUDED: Bench | Factory Warranty

SALE PRICE: Up to 21% Off

ON ORDER! Are you in the market for a grand piano? Before you make a purchase, you need to check out the Schimmel F182. It competes with any of the Japanese grands currently available but with superior build quality and features that will blow your mind. The Schimmel F182 is 6’0” in size but has a wide tail design, making the strings and soundboard longer and wider to produce a deeper and darker tone. With German Renner hammers and Roslau strings with black underfelt throughout, this piano is a true work of art.

You will also receive a matching adjustable artist bench, soft close fallboard, oversized concert wheels on the legs, and a lovely gift box with a humidity gauge, wooden coasters to protect your floors, and a microfiber key cover and cleaning mitt. But what really sets it apart is the full sostenuto pedal, which is not found on most Japanese pianos.

Based on the legendary Schimmel SP-182, the Schimmel F182 offers a rich, expressive European tone that is unmatched by most Japanese grands out there. It comes with the Schimmel ten-year factory warranty, offering you peace of mind and a lot of value for the buck. Don't waste your hard-earned money on a Yamaha GC or Kawai GL piano without experiencing the Schimmel F182 grand piano first. Come over and play one of these and you will see why it's the best choice for you.

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