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Schimmel Fridolin F156 Grand Piano with PianoDisc Prodigy Player System

Schimmel Fridolin F156 Grand Piano with PianoDisc Prodigy Player System

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TYPE: Grand 
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 5'3"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench

Germany's Most Awarded Piano Line ---Plus Cutting Edge PianoDisc Player Technology

In stock! Hurrah, at long last the wait is over and it has arrived. The Schimmel F156 Prodigy II player grand piano! Designed to compete with any of the other small grand player pianos currently available but to thoroughly kick their behinds with its build quality and feature set. Don’t be fooled by dealers with the older systems on their pianos, it is the out-of-date systems they are trying to sell. You wouldn’t buy an ancient iPhone or laptop, would you? So why buy outdated technology on a piano? This has the newest and greatly improved PianoDisc Prodigy MK. II SD5 player system. Way better connectivity, key response and sound quality. It is MUCH more lifelike and needs to be heard to understand the difference. It’s easy to tell if they are trying to sell you the older system, just climb underneath and look at the CPU and power supply which have been completely redesigned. The Schimmel F156 is 5’3” in size but has a very wide tail design, meaning the strings and soundboard are much longer and wider which gives it a deeper darker tone. Including German Renner hammers and Roslau strings with black underfelt throughout. A matching adjustable artist bench, soft close fallboard, brass ferrules on the legs plus a lovely little gift box with humidity gauge, wooden coasters to protect your floors and microfiber key cover and cleaning mitt. But best of all it has a full sostenuto pedal and not the dreaded bass sustain found on the big-name Japanese piano builders instruments (the cheapskates). If you are desirous of the dark, rich European tone instead of the bright, shrill Asian sound of most of the current crop of player grands well then this is the one for you. Complete with the Schimmel ten-year factory warranty. Lots of value for the buck here.

With our Schimmel F156 grand piano, you will enjoy the most authentic concert-level performance, all in the comfort of your own home. So why not invest in the best? Play the Schimmel F156 grand piano today and experience the true enjoyment of music!

 Sergio Mendez: 


 Stevie Wonder: 


  Antonio Scarlatti: 



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