Schimmel Fridolin F116 Upright Piano White

$ 9,125.00

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: White Polish 
YEAR: 2022
SIZE: 46"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation

A Teacher and Technician Favorite!

In Stock! With its unmatched combination of durable construction and exceptional playability, the Schimmel F116 outperforms every other piano in its class. From the start it was designed to be an institutional caliber instrument and exceeded even their more demanding requirements. Ideal for a beginning student who is serious about learning to play, a F116 will grab you by the hand and lead you into the world of making glorious music. Like all Fridolin pianos, the smallest model is based on a well-established original Schimmel design. Their long experience, as the inventor of the so-called “small upright piano”, is particularly beneficial to this model. Despite its comfortable height it has an enormous sound and can easily be compared with larger pianos. Complete with an adjustable artist bench and a soft close fallboard. A gift box from Schimmel includes coasters to protect your floors, a temperature and humidity gauge, a microfiber cleaning mitt and embroidered felt key cover. A ten-year factory warranty rounds out the package. Before buying a used piano or digital keyboard you should really try playing one of these.


The Schimmel Fridolin pianos aren’t solely for entry-level pianists; instead, these fabulous instruments were conceived for the education sector – a reliable, high-quality collection of pianos that delivered Schimmel's legendary sound at an affordable price.

Enter the Schimmel Fridolin F116 Upright Piano White. Created as part of Schimmel's deal with Pearl River, China's largest piano manufacturer, it combines Schimmel's ingenuity with China's cheaper production costs. The result is a consummate instrument of value, suitable for a wide variety of settings.

Of the Fridolin line, the F116 is the smallest of the three – below the F121 and F123. Yet, despite its small stature, the little piano's sound power is impressive – the very essence of this German art. 


When originally unveiled, there were some concerns that Chinese manufacturing meant sacrificing the German company's excellence. However, while Fridolins are constructed in China, many of the components are German-made; and all follow precise German specifications. Even better, the final pianos are inspected and refined by the German engineers in Braunschweig. 

The action, for example, is built in China with a German technical design. The resulting action is fluid with good control and will satisfy even advanced piano players. 

From Germany: The German hammers are cold-pressed to ensure a fast, clean attack. Meanwhile, the soundboard is exclusively sourced from AAA European White Spruce. In concert with the German Rosslau strings, the tone is without distortion, close to the Classic Series in its bright profile. 


Schimmel signed a deal with Pearl River in 2016 to produce some of its pianos in China. Earlier, in the 2000s, it had done the same with its Wilhelm Schimmel line series, manufacturing those pianos in Poland. The new series, named after one of the founding brothers, marks the latest chapter in the company's history. If the Schimmel Fridolin F116 Upright Piano White is any indicator, it'll be as successful as the last. 

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