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Kayserburg GH160C Grand Piano Heritage Series

Kayserburg GH160C Grand Piano Heritage Series

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 5'3"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench 


Kayserburg GH160C Grand Piano Heritage Series

In Stock! This 5' 3" Heritage Series Baby Grand Piano is meticulously crafted with top-quality materials and precision engineering, making it a standout choice for both professional musicians and discerning enthusiasts. Here's why the Kayserburg GH160C Grand Piano Heritage Series is an exceptional investment:

  • Brass Hardware: The use of brass hardware ensures durability and adds an elegant touch to the piano's design.
  • Röslau Wire, Copper Wound Bass Strings: These high-grade strings contribute to rich, resonant tones and exceptional sound projection.
  • Renner Hammers from Germany: Renowned for their craftsmanship, Renner hammers deliver unparalleled responsiveness and dynamic range.
  • All Spruce Tapered Soundboard: The meticulously designed soundboard enhances tonal clarity and sustains the piano's rich sound.
  • Hard Rock Maple Pin Block: With 19 cross-plied laminations and cold pressed/age cured construction, this pin block ensures tuning stability and longevity.
  • Kayserburg Action: The precision-engineered action mechanism offers a smooth and responsive playing experience, allowing for expressive musical interpretation.
  • Slow Fallboard: The slow fallboard mechanism enhances safety and adds a touch of refinement to the piano's design.
  • Ebony Sharps: The use of ebony for the sharps not only adds visual sophistication but also provides a tactile advantage for the pianist.

Elevate your musical performance and bring timeless elegance to your home with the Kayserburg GH160C Grand Piano Heritage Series.

Read Dr. Owen Lovell's review of the Kayserburg GH160C in the Piano Buyers Guide!

"To be blunt, I preferred the low bass of these pianos over, say... most Steinway model M pianos I’ve played."  


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