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Kawai UST-8C Upright Piano

Kawai UST-8C Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright Piano
COLOR: American Oak
YEAR: 1998
SIZE: 46"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Bench | Piano Preparation

With its unmatched combination of durable construction and exceptional playability, the UST-8C outperformed every other instrument in its class back in the day. A true hybrid piano with an action carefully built in Japan and the cabinet here in the USA, it represents the best of both worlds unlike the current crop of Indonesian ones. From the start it was designed to be an institutional caliber instrument and exceeded even their more demanding requirements. But the UST-8C went far beyond every standard of the time by offering the world's most advanced upright piano action and design enhancements that set it apart from any other institutional piano. Musicians who insist on durability, value and quality in a studio piano will appreciate the Kawai UST-8C. It’s a tough performer that can handle hard knocks and always sounds great. The UST-8C delivers superb sound quality in any venue. It features a larger soundboard and longer strings than many grand pianos. Heavy-duty casters help the UST-8C accompany you from the studio, to the stage, to the classroom... anywhere the music moves you. The high quality of the UST-8C exceeds the strictest specifications of the Music Educators National Conference. It is particularly noted for its superior scale design and patented high-tech components. Performance is the real test. The full, harmonic sound is favored by school leaders, church choirs and accomplished pianists around the world, who agree that the UST-8C is the studio piano of choice. Built in 1998 it is still relatively young and would be ideal for a beginning student who is really serious about learning to play properly. A UST-8C will just grab you by the hand and lead you into the world of making glorious music. It just received a full regulation, voicing and tuning job performed by one of the area’s top technicians. Complete with the original factory duet bench and even the rare red felt key cover is present and accounted for in unused condition. A stone bargain, so snap it up before someone else beats you to it.

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