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Kawai K5 Upright Piano

Kawai K5 Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright Piano
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2011
SIZE: 50"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Bench | Piano Preparation

Just traded in on a new Schimmel grand; here is an excellent opportunity for someone to jump on. It's a 2011 Kawai K-5 model in ebony polish, which is the predecessor to the current Kawai K-500 and shares many of the same sound and construction designs. The K-5 is hard to find and is one of Kawai's top-quality upright pianos. It stands 50 inches tall, providing a full, rich bass with a long sustain, while also having a lovely singing quality to its upper registers.

The K-5 features the innovative Millennium III Upright Action, which is the third evolution of Kawai's legendary piano touch. Kawai has combined modern material science with innovative design concepts to create an action that has a feel and consistency that is unmatched. The Millennium III Action has several core components that are redesigned with lighter mass and structural enhancements to optimize speed, repetition, and control. Every detail of the action was analyzed and adapted to create a seamless connection between the artist and the music. The K-5 key weight is comparable to most other high-end upright actions, but the ease of expression is extraordinary.

If you're looking for something far superior to an entry-level instrument, this might be the one for you. It was built in Japan in 2011 and comes with a new adjustable artist bench and soft close fallboard. A new K-500 model costs $16,895, but why pay that much when you can get this one?"

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