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Kawai GL-20 Grand Piano

Kawai GL-20 Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2015
SIZE: 5'2"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Bench | Piano Preparation

In Stock! Here is a great chance for someone, a like new Kawai GL-20 grand piano. Built in 2015 and with the balance of the transferable factory warranty intact. Unlike the current crop of GL-20s, this one was assembled in the factory in Japan and not in Indonesia (trust us a BIG difference). It possesses the upgraded GL-30 action and has better parts inside and it was much more carefully crafted. The Japanese built GL-20 pianos were named “Product of the Year” by MMR Magazine in 2017. Among Kawai pianos, each size possesses a unique character with distinctive tonal qualities. The impressive tone of the 5’2″ GL-20 baby grand piano is enhanced not only by its longer scale design that provides more bass response, but also by the addition of Dual Duplex Scaling that allows the extreme ends of the piano’s strings to vibrate and produce additional harmonics that enliven tone. Of course, it has Kawai’s exclusive Millennium III action, featuring ABS-carbon technology with carbon fiber, long the standard of the industry. It also features a full sostenuto pedal instead of the dreaded bass sustain pedal like most other pianos in this size range. Complete with a duet sized storage bench, all the original paperwork and the red felt key cover. New these are $22,195 but who wants to pay that! A real bargain for someone just waiting to happen.

Please call Charles at (703)-534-0200 or email at to schedule an appointment. 

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