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Schimmel Konzert K175 Grand Piano

Schimmel Konzert K175 Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
SIZE: 5'9"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench


In Stock!  What sounds like a pedantic obsession with detail is the basis of rich tonal worlds for the piano experts at Schimmel: all 88 hammer-heads of each upright and grand piano are pricked with voicing needles several ten thousand times by hand in a painstaking process to form the versatile tonal colouring of our instruments. The voicer utilizes his finely tuned manual dexterity to give the felt its elasticity and thereby provide each instrument with an optimum tone quality. This requires a rigorously highly-trained ear and great sensitivity for the finest tonal nuances. This is how the Schimmel craftsmen breathe life into the soul of our instruments. 

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The Schimmel Konzert K175 Grand Piano is the ideal instrument for homes and businesses – it'll slip right in for those wishing for a smaller grand piano that loses none of the feel. Schimmel has two collections produced exclusively by hand in Germany: the "Classic" series and the "Konzert" series. While the former replicates the bright, clear tone of pianos past, the Konzert series goes for a deeper, more brooding tone you may not expect from a Schimmel.

Of all the grand pianos in the Konzert line, the Schimmel Konzert K175 is among the smaller. Measuring at 5' 9", it's the smallest of the lineup – though still not small enough to be considered a baby grand. 

Under the Konzert series, Schimmel is pushing the bounds of modern piano technology. Inside the Schimmel Konzert 175, you'll find full-concert-length action, a high-quality soundboard, and mahogany hammers.


Despite its small dimensions, Schimmel's R&D engineers had done the impossible; they've fitted the exact same action found in the colossal 9' 2" K280 into this sub-6-foot piano – it's a work of genius! So, this piano can get through your doorway and still deliver unrivaled touch and maximum control. The keys are made from a special mineral for the white keytops and real ebony for the black keys. 

The hammers differ from traditional Schimmel pianos; where Beech is typically picked for its brighter tone, Mahogany is used, capped in double felt. The soundboard is 100% high-quality Bavarian spruce, crafted to be larger than the standard soundboard for a piano of this size. The soundboard is also tapered to enhance the sonic potential.


In the over 130 years since their founding, Schimmel has never lost sight of its principles: quality, innovation, beauty, and passion. It's all on fierce display in the Schimmel Konzert K175 Grand Piano. From the hammer produced by Wurzen (in a procedure even Schimmel brand "pedantic") to the Triplex Scaling, this is a piano for the ages.

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