Piano Cabinet Repair & Restorations

Our Restoration Specialist has over 25 years of experience and can restore your piano to like new condition. As a  Master Steinway Restoration Specialist, our technician specializes in hand-rubbed satin finishes, as well as lacquer, polyester and other polished finishes used by all major manufacturers.With a collection of aged finishes, our repairs blend seamlessly into the existing finish. We repair finishes for all makes of pianos including Baldwin, Boston, Kawai, Steinway, Yamaha, etc. Many repairs can be completed in your home in less than a day. 

Each piano requires a custom solution due to the many types of finishes that are used by different manufacturers. From minor chips to scratches to complete refinishing, we will provide you with a custom quote to fit your budget. Piano assessments and quotes require a $135.00 inspection fee which is applied to the cost of repairs.  

Please give us a call at (703) 534-0200 or send us your information below to discuss restoring your piano's beauty. 

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