Piano Storage

Humidity and Temperature Contolled Storage to Protect Your Piano Invement

The Importance of Humidity Control

There are two major components to ensuring that your piano is stored safely - proper packing and a carefully controlled environment that is optimized for pianos. We protect your pianos in the same environment that we maintain in our store and warehouse that is optimized for pianos. The steady environment prolongs the life of your piano and avoids the many dangers associated with the lack of humidity controls in standard storage units including soundboard cracks, noisy action, sticking keys, etc.

Humidity Controlled (40-45% year round)
Temperature Controlled (68-72 degrees year round)
24/7 Temperature and Humidity Monitoring T

Our moving service will ensure your piano is carefully packed and delivered to our warehouse:

Interior Padding between strings and lid
Exterior Padding
Separate Leg and Lyre Padding
Shrink Wrap for Moisture Protection
Long Board for Stability
Controlled Environment

Temperature and Humidity Controlled Storage