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Germany's Most Awarded Piano 


"Quality Will Prevail"

That was Wilhelm Schimmel's motto when he founded the company in 1885. To this day, nothing has changed in the company and it determines our actions and thoughts every day anew. With traditional craftsmanship on the one hand and innovative ideas on the other, we create new upright and grand pianos of lasting value that inspire every day.


The entry into the world of Schimmel - quality from the beginning.

In 1893, Fridolin Schimmel, encouraged by his brother Wilhelm Schimmel, founded his own piano factory in the United States of America. In an intellectual exchange between the brothers, Schimmel instruments were produced there until the 1910s at the same time as the production in Germany - tailored to the American market according to the motto solid, robust and affordable. This motto was renewed by us almost exactly 100 years later in an independent instrument series under the brand "Fridolin".

Generally based on the designs of our instrument series “Wilhelm”, Fridolin instruments are manufactured today in Guangzhou | China in one of the most modern and largest piano production facilities in the world. Material selection, production process and the construction have been carefully modified in detail without changing the essential character traits - the result is solid, robust and affordable instruments with an excellent price-performance ratio - quality from the beginning.


Grand and upright pianos "Made in Europe" - for ambitious piano players.

In addition to the uncompromising construction of quality uprights and grand pianos, it was and is a great concern of Schimmel to enable as many piano players as possible to purchase a genuine quality instrument. Therefore, the brand "Wilhelm" was created as a reminiscence of the company founder Wilhelm Schimmel.

Quality instruments, based on the traditional Schimmel constructions, manufactured in our own European production in Kalisz | Poland at very attractive prices. Compared to the instruments of the Classic Series, the "Wilhelm" constructions have been slightly modified in detail and in the choice of materials without changing the essential characteristics of the instruments. European sound culture can be properly experienced and learned with "Wilhelm" instruments in terms of ear training, feel and musical expression from the very beginning. An instrument series that accompanies the piano player also far beyond the beginning stage.

Schimmel Classic

Premium grand and upright pianos - the best all-around versatile line.

Our instruments must be as versatile as the demands of pianists. Whether for recording studios, schools and conservatories, concert use or in a living room - our grand and upright pianos are designed to meet the most diverse requirements in everyday life.

The designs of our Classic grand pianos and the large Classic uprights C 130 and C 126 are therefore largely based on our innovative concert models. For the smaller Classic pianos C 121 and C 116, we have deliberately chosen our traditional "small piano" construction, which Schimmel patented as early as the 1930s as an innovative construction method and has continuously developed further. The advantage of this special design is the large warm tone with a nevertheless smaller sized piano.

SCHImmel KonZert

Concert grand and upright pianos for the highest demands - making every tone a concert experience.

Our Konzert instruments combine experience and skill with our most innovative ideas. The result is uncompromising grand and upright pianos "Made in Braunschweig" for concert use, instruments that want to be challenged. Exquisite materials, long maturing cycles, craftsmanship of our master piano builders and the most modern manufacturing techniques in material processing are just a few of the quality attributes of these outstanding instruments.

The instruments are characterized by our innovative design concept, which we invented in 2000, and which has been continuously further developed and patented. The concept is based on the idea of transferring all the outstanding features of our largest concert grand piano, where possible, identically to the smaller instruments. For example, from tone 44 to 88, the large scale (string design) of a concert grand is used in models of different sizes. The design of the soundboard is also identical to that of the largest concert grand. As a result, we achieve the same sound characteristics in all grand and upright pianos of the Konzert series as in our large concert grand K 280. In addition, the design of the large K 280 action has been transferred identically in the smaller grand pianos. The vertical piano actions have been optimized in accordance with the grand piano actions in order to enable the pianist to achieve almost the same speed of repetition as with a grand piano.

Schimmel Royal Wood

 The piano is more than an instrument: perhaps it can even be termed a synthesis of the arts. This is for example borne out by the valuable and unending variety of the exotic woods, with their sheer inexhaustible richness in colouring utilized in the building of Schimmel instruments.

For our grand piano series Royal Wood, we have selected only the best - exotic woods with a special character. These woods must be crafted with both great care and the highest art of workmanship in the technique of veneer. This has always been an integral part of the Schimmel craftsmanship tradition and is a guarantee for the consummate attractive and durable casing of our grand and upright pianos.

We take environmental protection very seriously in all models of the Royal Wood series. Therefore, we use the renewable raw material wood under strict personal inspections of our wood suppliers. Veneer is particularly well suited to being processed in a resource-saving way, as several thousand square metres of veneer can be produced from one tree trunk.

As a natural product, wood has colour differences and growth-related irregularities. The colour, structure and grain of each tree are unique and make each instrument one of a kind!



Pianos are more than mere instruments; they're the centerpiece of our homes. When you choose a piano, you're choosing the adornment and spectacle your guests will gather around – regardless of whether it's for a domestic or professional setting. Little wonder the great piano makers produce pieces of such particular beauty.

While most pianos are a work of art, these Schimmel Art Case pianos transport the practice to another level: they're a symphony in wood. Intricate detailing and exotic choices of wood come together to create a piano that is simply sublime. The Konzert series, in particular, has numerous models inlaid with stunning designs (Intarsie means "inlay" in German).

Whether you choose the delicately curved Schimmel Classic C169 Belle Epoque Grand Piano or the beautifully inlaid Schimmel Konzert 129 Intarsia Vase Grand Piano, these instruments will transform a room: truly the ultimate conversation starter.

Nor are they style over substance. Beneath the inlays and wooden casing, you'll find the same superior quality pianos as their counterparts. These Schimmel Art Case Pianos are rare pieces, produced exclusively for the Konzert and Classic lines.

The Konzert series are designed to be darker and more brooding, utilizing the latest techniques and materials (including mahogany core hammers). The Classic series, meanwhile, draws upon Schimmel's tradition of craftsmanship and using long-standing designs. 

Please contact us if you're interested in learning more about any of these Schimmel Art Case pianos.