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Schimmel Classic C169 Black Pearl Grand Piano

Schimmel Classic C169 Black Pearl Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Black Super Matte
SIZE: 5'7"
INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench 

Without Compromises

Only One in the USA!  If Darth Vader had a piano in his cabin on the Death Star this would be it. The Schimmel C169 Black Pearl. This darkest of all colors has a timelessly beautiful effect on our new Schimmel BLACK PEARL. It’s pure, modern look sets a striking accent in any setting. The cool, shiny chrome provides a captivating contrast alongside the elegant matte black. The clear design language with the rounded curves creates a soft and diffuse play of light and shadow on the matte surface. A sophisticated as well as spectacular design, where functionality and aesthetics are always in balance.

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"The new Art Collection grand piano C 169 'Black Pearl' by Schimmel Pianos combines a perfect harmony between shape and surface. The entire interior and exterior of the instrument, including the cast-iron plate, has been finished with the new piano lacquer, giving it the appearance of being cast in one piece. In addition, Schimmel has chosen a combination with shiny chrome fittings, which creates a special tension in contrast to the black matt surface: small and fine, with a rare and noble appearance. The design is reminiscent of a rare black pearl, also known as a Tahitian Pearl. This is why this unique model was named 'Black Pearl.'"

– PIano Buyers Guide

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