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Schimmel Fridolin F130 Upright Piano

Schimmel Fridolin F130 Upright Piano

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Ebony Polish available with either chrome or brass hardware
SIZE: 51"

INCLUDED: Factory Warranty | Bench

Our Best Selling Upright Piano

In Stock!   Why can’t we keep these in stock? Because its combination of size, tone and build quality overwhelm the competition. Based on the long-established German tradition of piano building, the model F130 is made with dedication to detail. The triumph of this biggest of all Fridolin upright pianos is the German construction technique that is focused on sound and touch. Instead of the typical thin bright sound of the Asian style of piano, the F130 has the traditional German sound of warmth and richness with a quick well-balanced touch. Features a soft close fallboard, adjustable height artist bench and a nice welcome package including coasters, temperature and humidity gauge, cleaning mitt and felt key cover. Instead of buying a used Yamaha, Kawai or Boston piano you really should try one of these out first. Everyone is always shocked at how much better they are.

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The Schimmel Fridolin F130 Upright Piano, for example, is almost an exact replica of the legendary Schimmel Classic C130 – the commanding upright that delivered the company's renowned "bright" tone.


Most importantly, the action is fluid and easy to control, resembling those of Japanese counterparts like the Yamaha U3. The hammer uses German felt, and the soundboard is AAA solid spruce. The hammers and spruce soundboard ensure impeccable tonal response and sustain.

Collectively, you can expect warmth and richness in tone – in part thanks to the German Roslau strings. For those who prefer a more European-sounding instrument, the Schimmel Fridolin F130 is a definite contender.


Beginning in 1882, Wilhelm and Fridolin Schimmel founded the family-run Schimmel piano company. Within a few short years, the company was producing pianos for the world market – and still does to this day. Under the new Schimmel Fridolin brand, they're expanding their repertoire, allowing a much wider market to experience their incredible pianos. The Schimmel Fridolin F130 Upright Piano is a good place to start. 

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