Collection: Grands Under $30,000

Purchasing a used piano doesn’t have to involve remortgaging your house or selling off the family heirlooms. Our collection of used grand pianos contains some of the finest pianos produced in the past 50 years and longer. From the legendary Steinway Grand Pianos to the newer Schimmel Fridolin F156 Grand Piano, there's something for everyone.

Nor are these new and used pianos for sale confined to a single piano maker. We stock a broad range of brands, including Kawai, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, and Schimmel – some of the most well-regarded piano companies in the world.

Indeed, for the price, amateur and professional pianists alike can find a stunning instrument suitable to their individual tastes. Whether you prefer a darker, more brooding tone or a clarity of sound; American, European, or Japanese; or traditional piano making or innovative modern techniques, our collection of new and used pianos for sale are as affordable as they are unique.

All of these pianos are highly regarded, being among the most popular grand pianos ever constructed. And, at a fraction of their original price, it's a chance to experience the full power and sonorous quality of a grand piano. 

Music school, piano teachers, professional venues, and homeowners will all find a piano to their liking. Please get in touch for any questions regarding the used grand pianos available.