Schimmel Fridolin F121 Queen Anne Upright Piano

$ 10,988.00

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TYPE: Upright
COLOR: Mahogany Satin
YEAR: 2022
SIZE: 48"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation

Harmony in Size and Sound 

In Stock! At 48” tall the F121 upright piano is more than a match for any of the big-name competitors at a fraction of the price. A favorite of teachers and technicians you really must play it to see what all the fuss is about. The Queen Anne style in Britain refers to a furniture style of the early 1870s, which was influenced by the Georgian period and was popular mainly in the United States of America and Great Britain. The furniture style was influenced by Chinese elements and were most common with curved legs and mahogany finishes. This medium-sized piano is one of the most popular sizes for piano players. The balance of size and sound are combined in an ideal way. The unique cabinet design creates perfect harmony of appearance as well as sound.

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