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Mason & Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin Model CC VX Grand Piano

Mason & Hamlin Model CC VX Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2023
SIZE: 9'4"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation


Handcrafted in limited numbers using only the world’s finest materials and time-tested build techniques, the Model CC epitomizes the piano maker’s art. Distinguished by a massive rim design, wide body, oversized soundboard, and a pair of Tension Resonators, the Model CC is known for its brilliant tonal characteristics and longevity throughout the life of the instrument. No other concert grand offers the distinctive Mason & Hamlin features so essential to a piano’s durability and longevity. 

Lauded for its immense power as well as its sensitive and responsive action, the CC is capable of extreme colors, shadings and textures, all with extraordinary clarity. The CC can follow the most sensitive interpretation or cut through an entire symphony orchestra without sounding harsh. From its thunderous bass to its bell-like treble, the Model CC is perfect for a wide range of repertoire and musical genres.


Reaching 9'4" in length, the Mason & Hamlin Model CC Grand Piano is about as large as a concert grand can be. Given its size, the piano is renowned for its immense power and impeccable construction. Nor is the sound without nuance. From the delicate treble to the sonorous bass, this piano is perfect for a range of styles and sounds.

Unlike comparable pianos, the Model CC is notable for its thick rim, wide body, state-of-the-art action, and oversized soundboard; together, they work in symphony to produce a sound full of vibrancy and life.


When Mason & Hamlin build a piano, they do so with longevity in mind. The Tension Resonator ensures that every measurement and dimension of the piano remains unchanged – from the strings to the soundboard. The piano's vibrancy, voice, and tone are therefore preserved for generations to come. 

That mechanism is further reinforced by the thick, flat-sawn Hard Rock Maple rim. You'll also find this durable material in the back and sides of a Stradivarius violin. When combined with the sturdiest and thickest plate in the industry, it works to reflect the energy back onto the soundboard, increasing the volume and sustain.

The soundboard is cut from tight-grained, quartersawn Eastern White Spruce. The wood is aged and dried to achieve the desired moisture content. The result is a range both sweet and thunderous, melodic yet powerful. Mason & Hamlin cut directly into the ribs when shaping the crown, allowing a larger radius for the bell-like treble, decreasing towards the thunderous bass.

Overall, the Mason & Hamlin CC Grand Piano is rich in passion. The extraordinarily responsive action and durable design ensure that this is a piano for the ages. 


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