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Mason & Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin Model BB VX Grand Piano

Mason & Hamlin Model BB VX Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2023
SIZE: 7'
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation


“While preserving all the qualities of the percussion instrument, the Mason & Hamlin pianoforte also serves magnificently the composer’s concept by its extensive range in dynamics, as well as quality of tone. It is not short of being a small orchestra. In my opinion, the Mason & Hamlin is a real work of art.”


A piano acclaimed for its robust sound, precise touch, and consistent action, the Mason & Hamlin BB is a 7-ft piano designed for auditoriums, conservatories, concert halls, spacious homes, and professional studios. Known for its legendary concert grand characteristics, the Mason & Hamlin BB has powerful, resonant bass, rich, warm tenor, and a treble with a singing tone—bell-like in its clarity—and perfect for reproducing the unparalleled tonal range of a Mason & Hamlin BB Piano. The Mason Hamlin BB redefines what a grand piano should be, with power and sonority usually reserved for concert grands—making the tonal possibilities truly limitless.


Redefining what a 7-foot piano should be, the Mason & Hamlin BB Grand Piano is renowned for its power and sustain. Comparable to a Steinway B in basic character, it has the added benefit of a more powerful bass and greater sustain in the treble.

Until the Model CC was released, the Mason & Hamlin BB was the company's premier model – and many experts still consider it one of the top 7-foot grand pianos in the world.

Designed for auditoriums, conservatories, concert halls, professional studios, and even a spacious home, the Mason Hamlin BB boasts a robust sound, precise touch, and consistent action – what's not to like?


Beneath the finely polished ebony, you'll find the best materials at work. The powerful bass, rich tenor, and singing-like treble are conveyed so effectively by the soundboard produced from Eastern White Spruce with edge tapering. The Mason & Hamlin BB specially designed soundboards shape the crown by cutting directly into the ribs themselves. By doing so, they precisely control the shape of each rib, ensuring there's a large radius in the treble and gradually diminishing towards the bass.

The action, meanwhile, as in all Mason & Hamlin pianos, is the exclusive Wessell, Nickel, and Gross Composite Actions. These state-of-the-art items are produced to last three times as long as their wooden counterparts without sacrificing any of the touch, feel, or volume you'd expect from a Mason & Hamlin BB.

This Mason & Hamlin Model BB Grand Piano is an investment for generations to come – the tension resonator, for example, helps preserve the piano's vibrancy, voice, and tone for decades into the future. 

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