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Mason & Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin Model B VX Grand Piano

Mason & Hamlin Model B VX Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2023
SIZE: 5'4"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation


At 5’4″, the Mason & Hamlin Model B qualifies as a baby grand, but the sound and presence of this handcrafted instrument are unparalleled in its class. One listen to its brilliant treble and deep, rich bass notes will tell you that the Model B has all the legendary Mason & Hamlin characteristics in a compact size that is suitable for any space. Magnificent projection, excellent playability, and distinctive styling all in one package, the Model B will leave you with a lasting impression that is anything but small.


The Mason & Hamlin Model B Grand Piano is the smallest of the Mason lineup, measuring 5' 4" in length. But don't be fooled by the name; the sound inside this piano is as rich and deep as you'll find anywhere.

Listen to the brilliant treble and sonorous bass notes, and you'll find a piano that delivers in terms of projection, distinctive styling, and immaculate playability. 

Best of all, the small size means it fits comfortably in most domestic settings. So, if you want to play a concert-quality piano at home, few pianos in the world produce a more magnificent sound.


Like all Mason & Hamlin pianos, the Model B contains a soundboard made from Eastern White Spruce. This tight-grained, quartersawn wood emanates a sound as sweet as it is thunderous. The soundboard design employs a multi-radius crown; the larger radius in the treble is optimized for high notes, reducing steadily towards the bass's lower frequencies.

Holding the piano's immense level of force in place – 40 to 60 thousand of pressure from the strings – the sand-cast gray iron plate not only strengthens the piano but also reflects energy back onto the soundboard, producing a louder, more sustained sound across the full range of notes. 

Mason & Hamlin pianos are renowned for having the largest and strongest rims in the world. This dense rim, alongside the plate, helps deliver the piano's full potential power by reflecting the energy back towards the soundboard. That's why the Mason & Hamlin Model B Grand Piano, despite its size, produces a powerful and sustained sound.

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