Steinway L Grand Piano

$ 44,999.00

TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Satin
YEAR: 1927
SIZE: 5'10.5"
COMPARE TO NEW: $95,800.00 
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation


Where to start with this one? Just back from being fully restored and only now coming into its own, this Steinway L grand piano produces the most beautiful tone, touch and control you could possibly imagine. Capable of roaring like thunder when pressed upon, it can also make the angels weep when played softly. For this very reason, many professional pianists choose this model for their "home" and/or practice piano. Finished in a lustrous ebony satin finish, it will be an object of extreme envy to your friends and a complete joy for you to play upon for many, many years to come. Lots of detailed cabinetry on the legs and polished nickel hardware set this one apart from most others. The new model is $90,300 but who wants to pay that! You really need to come over and play it to see what all the fuss is about. Coupling a majestic soundstage with a sumptuous level of finesse and bloom, it offers a musical experience that lingers in the ear long after the notes themselves have faded away. Includes a new adjustable top professional artist bench.

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