Schimmel Konzert K195 Grand Piano

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TYPE: Grand 
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2022
SIZE: 6'5"
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Brilliant Finish

In Stock! For many people thirteen is a mystical number. This number certainly provides Schimmel instruments with a magic gloss. This is because we utilize a traditional piano varnish which is applied in thirteen work phases with around one and a half kilogram per square metre and is primarily further processed by hand to produce high gloss. This is how we produce the unique gloss and the special depth effect which are so characteristic for our instruments. 


Traditionally, Schimmel pianos are known for being extremely bright on the tonal spectrum – the result is an unprecedented level of clarity but a lack of variety. That's where the Konzert series comes in. Designed to harness the latest innovations and techniques, the Schimmel Konzert K195 Grand Piano simply bleeds warmth. 

At 6'5" in length, the Schimmel Konzert K195 is securely in the mid-range category, competing against other famous pianos like the Bosendorfer Model 200, Steinway Model A, and Yamaha CF4. Nevertheless, the K195 can stand proudly shoulder-to-shoulder with these greats, demonstrating Schimmel's dedication to new technologies and innovations. It's a masterclass in why German piano making is still venerated the world over.


Designed in Braunschweig by Schimmel and constructed by Renner, another German company, the K195's action is remarkable. Beautifully responsive and expressive, the action delivers the subtle nuances you expect of the best grand pianos; and the mineral and ebony keytops provide a natural feel.

Most interesting is the scaling: the Schimmel Konzert K195's action is almost identical to the 9'2" K280. So, while you might be playing a piano almost 3-foot smaller, it doesn't feel like it. 

Delving deeper, we must talk about the tone – the bass is oceanic, the mid-range and treble dynamic. It's like playing in color. All this is due to the new bridge design, alongside the AAA high-altitude Bavarian Mountain Spruce soundboard. When combined with the doubled-felted, mahogany core hammers, it's a sound you simply don't expect from a Schimmel. 


Schimmel has been a renowned name in piano-making since 1882. Back then, Wilhelm Schimmel learned his craft at the Vogel & Sohn factory in Leipzig, Germany, before opening a factory in Braunschweig. In the years since, Schimmel has innovated and experimented, pouring all their hard-earned lessons into their concert series.

The Schimmel Konzert K195 Grand Piano, for example, includes an additional string to the middle and treble ranges – it's truly a delight.

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