Schimmel Konzert K219 Intarsia Vase Grand Piano

$ 154,203.00

SALE PRICE: Up to 30% Off 

TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2022 
SIZE: 7'2"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation


Special Order Schimmel constructs instruments to such a high level of craftsmanship, care and build quality that one can truly say they are second to none. However they can also be surprisingly affordable. Before you plunk down your hard earned money on a similar sized piano from Steinway, Boston, Yamaha or Kawai you really owe it to yourself to come and see what all the buzz is about. You will be pleasantly surprised.

This brand new  K219 is a perfect example of what Schimmel can create. At 7’ 2” it is big and the wide tail design only adds to the depth of tone. The Konzert Collection is Schimmel’s premium range of grand pianos and they are considered ideal for professional musicians and performance artists.

Featuring an action from renowned German manufacturer Renner and German Roslau strings, it has a touch that just doesn’t get any better. Big, bold, assertive and darkly handsome it wants to be tamed but will take a very firm hand to do so. Just back from a full voicing and regulating performed by one of the area’s top technicians, it has also received a concert level tuning. All of the inner casework is amazingly detailed and the ebony polish has been buffed to within an inch of its life. Complete with the matching Schimmel padded top adjustable artist bench, there just isn’t any more to add or want from an instrument. It will take you on a soaring musical journey if you are just strong enough to hang on and go along for the ride. Complete with the Schimmel ten year warranty and our exclusive trade up policy.

We have to thank Bartolomeo Christofori who invented the hammer technique in 1700 which heralded in the birth of the piano forte. As Schimmel, the characteristics of the hammer-head felts which have an influence on the composition of the tone are examined meticulously. The density and weight of the felt, its tension and simultaneous flexibility, the type of wool utilized and how this wool is processed, the correct way of cutting the felt and the way in which it is moulded: these aspects are all vital to ensure that our hammerheads transfer the energy of the player's touch to the resonating string in an optimum manner. The felt manufacture is undertaken according to a traditional process which is more time-consuming than modern industrial felt manufacture, but is the sole method to ensure delivery of premium-quality felt for our instruments. 

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