Steinway M Grand Piano

$ 39,999.00

TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Satin
YEAR: 1936
SIZE: 5'7"
COMPARE TO NEW: $86,200.00
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation


Here is another example of why so many experts consider Steinway to be the world’s finest piano. A fully rebuilt Steinway M in ebony satin. At 5'7" in length, this piano's rich tone and responsive action is found not only in a great many homes, but in most music conservatories, schools and rehearsal rooms.  Called the "Medium" grand, there is nothing medium about the sound emanating from this instrument. Complete with a matching Steinway artist bench and just back from having been completely tuned, voiced and regulated. The least expensive one for sale in anywhere near this kind of condition. It will be a joy to own for generations to come. 


The Steinway Model M Grand Piano is among the smallest in Steinway's collection. Classified as a "medium grand piano," its manageable 5' 7" size makes it ideal for conservatories and most domestic settings. Indeed, few pianos contain as much history and passion as the Steinway M Grand Piano: it's not just a showpiece for your friends and family; it's a conversation starter. 

Steinway first conceived of the Model M more than a century ago. It was the piano for a specific professional environment where space is limited – yet without sacrificing sound or performance. Known for its quick responsive action and power, it's one of the best smaller grands in the world. 


The Steinway M Grand Piano is a relic of a bygone era, the last bastion of traditional piano making. That's evident throughout the impeccable hand craftsmanship. The soundboard, for example, is created to be freer and more responsive. At 8 mm thick in the center, the edges taper to 5 mm at the rim and outer case, being double crowned. Produced from close-grained, quarter-sawn Sitka Spruce, it delivers stability and vibrance throughout its generational lifetime. 

Epitomizing Steinway & Son's belief that "the better the materials, the better the sound," the soundboard bridges are constructed exclusively from vertically laminated hardwood capped with solid maple. 

Further innovations were made afterward: the Hexagrip pinblock in 1963 and the Diaphragmatic Soundboard in 1963. However, none of these are available in this classic 1917 grand – a relic from another era. 

From the chords to the melodies, you can hear this Model M as they were originally intended.


Steinway & Sons was first established in 1853 in New York by Heinrich Steinweg. By 1859 he had become the largest piano manufacturer in the world, opening a Hamburg factory in 1880. Few remaining pianos date from these earliest days, so to discover any old Steinway M Grand Piano is an unexpected gift.

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