Yamaha C6 Limited Artistic Edition Grand Piano

$ 36,999.00

TYPE: Grand
COLOR: Ebony Polish
YEAR: 2005
SIZE: 7'0"
INCLUDED: Warranty | Free Local Delivery | Bench | Piano Preparation


Scarce as hens’ teeth, the ultra-rare LA version of the Yamaha C6 is something to behold. Essentially a Japan only version of the standard C6 that has been hot-rodded to perform like the mega S series of pianos at a much more affordable price. Upgraded hammers, strings, soundboard, etc. from the S series. Only offered for the 2005 model year they are tough to come by. It has been gone through from top to bottom by one of the area’s top Yamaha technicians and among many other things has gotten a full regulation including hammer shaping, voicing, let off and after touch adjustment. A concert level tuning has been performed and the ebony polish finish was buffed by hand. Also includes a brand new adjustable padded top artist bench. The attention to detail is incredible; countless hours have been spent working on it to get it back to this kind of condition.

The sound, well big, powerful, assertive, and dynamic are terms that jump to mind. It has been thoroughly detailed inside and out, the brass gleams, the finish glows and the inside is spotless. Remember at 7 feet it’s big so don’t try and put it in a small space but if you have been looking for a concert size Yamaha grand well then there just isn’t a nicer one out there. Remember a new Yamaha S6 costs $95,599 but who wants to pay that!


Yamaha's C series was envisioned as a lineup for the professional and artistic communities – the "C" standing for Conservatoire. Extending 7 feet, the Yamaha C6 Grand Piano is among the biggest of the collection, only overtaken by the C7. If the C series redefined what a piano should be, bringing to bear all the latest innovations, the Yamaha C6 Limited Artistic Edition Grand Piano redefined the earlier C6 – heralding the way for the lines' rethink with the CF series and CX series.

These pianos are rarer than gold dust: a discerning piano for a discerning player to collect. Truly a piano for the ages.

Yet, it's more than just words: this Yamaha C6 hides a few secrets and tricks under the hood.


Inside the piano, the action uses the latest materials and technology. Being silky smooth, incredibly responsive, and accurate, you'll marvel that it's not brand new. The soundboard, meanwhile, is solid spruce delivering the classic Yamaha full-bodied sound. When combined with the specially designed hammer shanks and solid copper wound bass strings, you'll hear the furthest reaches of the spectrum like never before.

Other innovative additions include the Ivorite™ keytops, Soft-Close™ fallboard, vacuum shield mold process plate, aluminum action rails, and more. Indeed, the aluminum action rails are resistant to temperature and humidity changes. 

The cabinet itself is beautifully sculpted, its ebony polish buffed to a shimmering black veneer. It's hard not to marvel at such a remarkable piano.


For over a century, Yamaha has been at the forefront of piano making worldwide. Integrating the Japanese art of manufacturing with innovative new materials, Yamaha's pianos are unlike anything else. The Yamaha C6 Limited Artistic Edition Grand Piano is no exception. Bringing all these elements together produces a beautiful, gorgeous-sounding piano ready to spoil its players with a moving tone and a lavish sonic landscape. 

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